Monday, May 16, 2005

Come back Toto, all is forgiven

Woke up in a tight grip with Lee this morning. No, not due to any pre-waking grope, but because of the mighty crashing and flashing of a major storm.

According to the weather report, our sleepy little suburb was rocked by a tornedo which saw trees uprooted and fences strewn clear into Maddington. Scary stuff. Lee knows I'm not good with thunder at the best of times, and this morning was certainly not the best of times. I was terrified. I wouldn't let him leave the house without me and insisted he take me when he dropped Erin off at child-care. We saw a lot of damage along the way. The people across the road seemed the worst hit, which was quite ironic considering what happened not long ago.

2 weeks ago they decided that the biggest tree in their front yard had to go. They roped it, cut it and let it fall. Directly onto their fence. It smashed it to pieces. They spent the weekend fixing said fence until, by Monday, it was good as new. They cleaned up their mess and no-one was any the wiser.

Enter this morning's tornado.

Battboy and I waited for the winds to abate then ventured out to drop Erin off at 'school'. There, directly across the way, was a repeat of the previous fortnight's carnage. But, much much worse. Two trees were lying across their lawn, without a skerrick of fence to be seen. Parts of their roof was also gone.

There was a great deal of damage in our neighbourhood, but amazingly, apart from four bits of washing ripped from the line and dumped on the ground, we came out of it unscathed.

After the storm

Lee went into the city for an interview. I insisted on Connor and I accompanying him. Yes, nature scares me. We had a coffee at Gloria Jean's (one of my favourite places on earth) then Lee set off for his interview and I walked to the Alexander library with the baby and my laptop. I managed to write a bit more on a story that I'm thoroughly in to, plus start on Kaaren Warren's anthology. I picked two of her stories at random and began to read. God, it's good. Parts were somewhat clunky (one line of The Fresh Young Widow featured not one but two 'dreaded ly' words) but the stories themselves were gripping and well presented. I'm not going to do a full review, but if you like emotion-driven SF then go for it.

Okay, it's late and it's time for bed. Take care and stay away from ruby slippers.

PS Battboy and I voted for Nelson to go tonight cos we're sure Constance will go in the next round. As much as I like Geneva, she's getting my vote tomorrow night because I like Tim and Angela more. They're the only two intelligent people in the house.

PPS I want Logan to win.

PPPS Ju, I miscounted. I gained some proper information and worked it out. It's only 8 days.

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