Saturday, May 14, 2005

Quick word count

1503 words written this evening. I'm so in the mood to write at the moment. I'm loving it. The words are coming quickly and the ideas are there for me. Next I'm working on a piece for Shane Jaraiya Cummings' new anthology.

Party at Perky's

Went out to Perky's birthday party with Casi last night. We had a nice time and met some new people (Grace and Graeme) who I clicked really well with. The food was fantastic and plentiful. Lee didn't come and I missed him awfully. Naturally, Mynxii, Calli, Kylie and I spent ages talking about Big Brother.

More on BB

Yesterday, Calli and I went out for coffee at Carousel. We discussed BB. I noticed that every table around us was listening. I mentioned Hot Dogs and my opinion of him and immediately one of the women at the table opposite leaned over to her companion and asked "What do you think of Hot Dogs?"

I'm soooooo influential :)

So down

Lee's been really depressed lately and I've been worried about him. The clouds seem to have cleared today and there's been a return to his old vibrant self. I've been depressed before (spent two years on medication as a result) and so tried to be the loving supportive wife. It hasn't always been easy and yesterday I snapped a little. My friends were there for me and didn't tell me off for not remaining positive for Lee's sake. All I can say is "Thank you" for letting me talk through the problem. You were all brilliant when it all became too much for me to cope with. I feel much better today and so does Lee.

Dr Who

Watched episodes 4 to 7 today and they were fantastic! The Dalek episode was both scary and tender and I loved it. The sexual chemistry between Rose and the Doctor is HOT and you just have to love their interaction.

Soccer tomorrow

We're playing Kinross. We've just found out where that is. Early start tomorrow.

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