Sunday, October 02, 2005

What I should be doing right now...

What I should be doing right now is cleaning the house. LJ guy Lonewolf and the lovely Dr Iz are coming for dinner AND we're having our house evaluated tomorrow and Tuesday by real estate agents so I really ought to be preparing for these.
On the other hand, I've just received an email from the wonderful crew at Shadowed Realms. They've asked if they can print "The Memory of Breathing" in their upcoming "Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror: The Best of 2005" anthology. I feel so chuffed. When I wrote the last word on that story I knew I had something special but the reaction to the story has been overwhelming.
I love that story and I'm especially fond of the people who have helped it receive such good feedback. Dave Luckett critiqued it for me, Sally Beasley bought it for ASIM 17 and then gave it a really good edit, thus helping it become even stronger, and LJ guy Angriest praised it at every turn. And naturally there's Lee who always believes in everything I do. He's the best.