Sunday, November 20, 2005

So much to tell you

I've just returned home after a brilliant weekend at Fandomedia. I will be blogging soon about my time, but not tonight - I'm too tired.

Items I will be discussing are:

The triumvirate: An unholy trinity featuring Lee, John Robertson and Chuck MacKenzie

Chuck MacKenzie - My love for a pod person

10 things I love about Ju

11 things I love about Lee

Crossing the line - what happens when you share your personal views with an audience

Entree madness - Living on an unrealistic budget during a con

Beer buddies - More about my mate Chuckie

On paedophiles, nazis and the Twin Towers

Why Hal Spacejock is 'better than Red Dwarf"

Alien sex - A third attempt at explaining my new love for the Chuckmeister (which doesn't affect my passion for my beloved at all)

Chocolate and why it was so important this weekend

Matt Ferrar and his part in Oz SF

Lee and his role in keeping me sane when the going got tough

And of course

Fandomedia 2006 and my part in its downfall

Look forward to tomorrow when I give you 99% of the goss (I've been sworn to secrecy on the other 1%)

While we're sort of on the subject, but a smidgeon off course, I made a decision this weekend. I came home last night all ready to work on Feast, You Women, my new short story that I finished earlier this week. I'd pretty much sorted out in my mind what needed to be done, and sat down to think more about it. On doing so, one thing became clear. Lee's absolutely right. It needs to be a novel. Today it retitled itself (to Mother) and as of tomorrow I will be travelling down that dark, dank, lonely road known as novel writing.

Wish me luck.

Love you, Ju. Well done.

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