Sunday, November 27, 2005


Yesterday was Connor's birthday party and it went swimmingly. Calli provided the cake and did a fabulous job of it. Many people came (I was worried that no-one would turn up) and the presents were fantastic. (And noisy, as we discovered at 5:45 this morning :)

Connor, naturally, had no idea what was going on, and tended to sway between being overwhelmed by all the attention and totally ignoring it.

The day was big, with lots of food, lots to drink and lots of conversation. We had a great time and will remember it forever.

And some memories aren't as glowing as others.

Last night I broke the cardinal rules of drinking.
1.Not on an empty stomach. Two pieces of sushi and a small piece of fairy bread do not a meal make.
2. Don't mix your drinks. I had 4 glasses of white wine, then a Becks beer, finishing off with 1/2 a glass of red wine. It finished me off.
Really, looking at it, it wasn't a lot and it was over a long period of time, but the excitement of the day, along with the need to look after my guests and my children while ignoring myself proved too much.
I was drunk and it was messy. I am very very embarrassed this morning. Lee and the children assure me that they're not angry at me. I just hope I didn't do anything too untoward.
My wonderful husband and my beautiful friends Kellene and Jen looked after me really well. I am grateful.

And for the record. Not a hangover in sight.

Lee will undoubtably blog more later and there will be pictures.

2 Proud Parents and their Birthday Boy

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