Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Big uh four five

I'm turning 45 in 2014. This seems somewhat significant so I've decided to compile a list of 45 things to do by the end of the year.

Here's my list. It'll be interesting to revisit this page at the end of the year to see how I go. I also look forward to posting each attempt and its accomplishment.

  1. Learn how to make ice-cream from scratch without a machine. I like the idea of ice-cream but am rarely impressed with what I eat. This was the same premise that got me into making muffins and look where I am now.
  2. Make a Swiss Roll from scratch. One of the few happy memories I have from my childhood is watching my parents making Swiss Roll together. I loved seeing my parents united in something good and I certainly enjoyed the cake. 
  3. Read 45 novels. It's reading. What's to explain?
  4. Read 45 short stories. Yada yada with some ditto attached.
  5. Nag Lee mercilessly to get the lounge-room painted. Most of the house has been painted for about 18 months now. The lounge-room is patched. It's time to get tough on my husband's butt.
  6. Save $1000 for a holiday for the family this time next year. After the events of 2012 and 2013, we need a break, desperately.
  7. Paint my nails black. It's a thing I've always wanted to do but have never had the courage.
  8. Plant a herb garden with at least 4 herbs. I love using fresh herbs in my cooking, but they're expensive. Planting my own makes sense, and it's something I can turn into a science project with Connor.
  9. Write a poem and submit it. I deride poetry at every turn, and yet some of my favourite work that Lee has had published have been poems. It's time to have a go.
  10. Complete a course in something unusual. I do have an idea for this, but this is the kick to get me signing up for it.
  11. Complete, edit and submit a novel. Yeah, I'm a writer, and I have started plenty of novels but have never finished one on my own. This is the year that changes.
  12. Take my kids to the beach by myself. I'm terrified of the beach at the best of times, so usually I send Lee and the kids off without me. If I do go, I take a book and refuse to look up. It's time to meet that fear and take the kids without Lee.
  13. Sew myself a skirt. I sew skirts for Erin and shorts for Connor. It's time to do something for me.
  14. Spend an entire week Facebook free. Yeah, I'm supposed to be doing that now, but I'm still lurking, still posting the odd thing that amuses me, still making comments. This will be a total black out. No reading, no checking for messages.
  15. Make a donation to a worthy cause. I'm not normally one for donations, but this year I shall give money without expectation of something in return (ie a red nose or a sticker or a receipt.)
  16. Organise a photo of all my children and grandchildren and us and have it framed. Just because it would be lovely to have a memento of our family.
  17. Organise the CD library into order. We have well over 200 DVDs.It really needs doing and this is the time.
  18. Clean out the walk in robe. Four years we've been in this house. It's time to bring order to our room.
  19. Have friends over for a night of interactive movies. Because life can't only be about cleaning and cooking.
  20. Take the kids out star gazing. We should all admire the beauty above us at some point.
  21. Take the kids to the beach for sunset. We should all admire the beauty in front of us.
  22. Take the kids to smell roses at least once. We should all stop to smell the roses.
  23. Have a professional massage. I give massages all the time. It would be nice to get a proper massage in return.
  24. Clean the front windows. A door-to-door salesman made a snarky comment last week. He was right.
  25. Declutter 45 things from the house. We could do with thinning our possessions back a little and I'm the one to make it happen.
  26. Send a message in a bottle saying hello in four languages. I like the idea of reaching out to other people across the ocean.
  27. Plant a time capsule of myself. I like the idea of reaching out to the future.
  28. Swing on a swing. It's been way too long.
  29. Play a full game of hopscotch with my children. It's such a connection.
  30. Reconnect with an old friend that I haven't spoken to in years. There are two candidates. I know which one I'm more interested in speaking to.
  31. Make a three course meal with Lee. I adore my husband and love spending time with him. Cooking an entire dinner and then sharing it with him would, I think, be a wonderful experience.
  32. Write my will. Lee and I have been talking about this since day one of our relationship. This is a priority. It probably should be number one and I'm embarrassed it's so low on the list.
  33. Take both grandchildren off their mum for an entire weekend. Connor is my priority and I find it hard to think about making time for my granddaughter. Now a new baby is coming. I want to be part of my grandchildren's lives in a way that my mum wasn't.
  34. Do the Mother's Day run. I used to do it and it felt great. I have 5 months to get ready.
  35. Kiss Lee at the top of the Bell Tower. Any excuse to kiss my beloved.
  36. Create a piece of jewellery. This is the year to explore my creativity and I love jewellery.
  37. Clean the internal doors. The more we paint, the dirtier they seem.
  38. Mow a lawn. I always get the men to do this, but I think I should give it a try. Once.
  39. Plant lavender. I say this every year, but never do. 
  40. Watch an Alien movie. I got through the first 2 or 3 and really want to see the one with Winona Ryder.
  41. Declutter and sort the filing cabinet. Another of those chores that have been on the 'must-do' list forever that really needs to be addressed.
  42. Get the carpets cleaned. You're probably thinking we live in filth. It's just that some things are done more often than others.
  43. Take a tour. I don't know where, but a tour shall be taken.
  44. Wash and shine the car. Another Lee job that I'm willing to do. Once.
  45. Write a living letter to all my children, telling them what they mean to me. Just for love's sake.
Well, it's taken me over an hour to complete, but it's done. This is my year ahead. Let's see how it goes.

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