Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A little goal goes a long way

7. Paint my nails black. Accomplished 28 January 2014

Completing this goal actually took a lot of courage. All my life I've been told that black nail polish denotes rebellion, and if there's one thing I've striven to be it's a 'good girl'. So, I approached this particular goal in two lots, first by painting my toe nails, then, when I felt comfortable with the result, I did my fingers. I did it while studying about firearms today, so the timing definitely felt right. All in all, I rather like the result and even applied a second coat. I just hope it's easy to remove by Sunday.

As usual, as soon as I completed this, Erin cheered me and said 'Good on you, Mum." She really is behind every goal I accomplish. She took the two pictures of my hands. What she doesn't know is that I won't be washing any dishes over the next few days.

Small steps. Literally.


They actually turned out quite nice

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Anonymous said...

Your comment about removing it by Sunday reminded me of a friend of mine. She frequently had the joy of scrubbing the word 'sin' from her wrist, between being stamped on her way into a goth club on Saturday night and attending mass the following morning.

Looks good, btw!