Friday, January 31, 2014

The simple things in life

At the beginning of the school holidays, the kids and I sat down and discussed what we'd like to do over the next six weeks. One idea that was quickly floated and agreed upon was that we'd meet Lee for a picnic lunch at a lovely park near his work. Somehow, between the various celebration days, going away, house work and kids visiting their grandparents (a lot!) it never seemed to happen. 

This morning, on the last official day of the holidays the opportunity arose. The kids and I took on a task each and set about making a picnic. I made Ham and Cheese Muffins (with help from the kids), Erin made fruit salad, (aided by Connor) and Connor made a Cheese Salad (aided by Erin). I bought some Ginger Lemonade and we set off for City Park.

Last official day of the summer school holidays. 

The kids are out there (waves in general direction of playground) somewhere.

There's a black swan in the thick of all those seagulls.

It was a glorious day with plenty of wildlife on the lake and kids in the playground. Lee and I had started the day on a downer, so took the opportunity to take a breath and just be together. It was the perfect end to a lovely 6 weeks.

What I didn't expect was that a new opportunity arose. I managed to tick off one of my 45 goals for the year.

28. Swing on a swing. 

Okay, as goals go it was probably the easiest, but sometimes we adults need a physical reminder that the simple joys are often the most pleasurable. And the kids loved it. Erin gets so excited when I decide to take on a goal and this time was no different. She cheered me on as I took off my shoes, set up the seat against my bottom and took off into the sky. 



Look at me, Connor! Connor! Connor, look at me.

Can you see me, kids?

Are you watching?

I'm flying!



...aaaay. And...

Back we go!

Up in the air, I fly
Zoom zoom a zoomer zoom zoom

Ready to disembark, and...


Ta da.
I sailed, I dipped and I tipped backwards for that little flutter in the stomach. And finally I dismounted and she high-5d me.

Yeah, it was worth it just for that.

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