Friday, January 24, 2014

It was awful, but it had to be done.

37. Clean the internal doors.

Honestly, there's not a lot to report here. The job seemed massive at first, but the kids are on holidays and they helped me. We all did one door each day with Lavender Spray and Wipe. It took 3 days to complete and now I have a bad headache, Erin is coughing a fair bit and Connor has an upset tummy (and not in the usual sense of Connor having a sick tummy). May be related, may be not, but I'm glad that job's done.

And because this seems like a bit of an empty post...

It's Onwards and Upwards for me.

As I'm a lover of all things Plantagenet and Tudor, I've signed on to do this 6 week course mid-2014.

I'm currently doing a Forensics Course and at the moment we're looking at DNA. It's really interesting and I'm learning a lot, part of which is, I don't want to study Criminology at Uni.

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