Monday, January 13, 2014

A Short Review #4

"Needs More Salt" by Liz Schriftsteller  (Daily Science Fiction 13/1/14.)

If you click on the link, you may not find the story up yet. I subscribe to the site and so it appeared in my inbox and I began to read. If you're looking for good, free, speculative short stories, subscribe to Daily Science Fiction. I've read some real gems there.

Anyway. At first this story annoyed me. The premise seemed rather simplistic and I was put off by the childish tone employed by the author. However, within a few paragraphs my inner critic switched off and I went along for the ride. To my surprise I found the ride to be rather enjoyable. It wasn't earth-shattering stuff, but as entertainment goes, a lot happened in a very short amount of space and I always appreciate an author who can successfully pull that off. 

At the site I gave it 5 rockets out of 7 (you can also join in discussions of the stories on Facebook). As I work on a 5 star system here, I'll make the conversation to 3.89 stars out of 5. 

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