Monday, January 13, 2014

Another one bites the dust

44. Wash and shine the car. 

It's overcast, the weather is slightly down from our recent 44 deg C, and the kids have been playing XBox games for hours. So, I decided to wash and polish the car. I told the kids they were helping. First we washed it with a weak solution of water and dish-washing liquid, then we hosed it off. Within minutes it was dry so we redid it a wash/polish spray that was spruiked to me at the door just before Xmas. Interior clearing out and vacuuming was the last part and ta-da, it's done.

It took us an hour but it was totally worth it. It gleams!

Also, my kids were brilliant. They put themselves fully into the job with absolutely no mucking around or intentionally wetting each other (which I wouldn't have minded given the recent heat.) I am so proud of Erin and Connor. And we also had a good time with all of us completing the job with a satisfied glow.

I hope all goal clearing ends so well.

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